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About Cherry Creek Equine

Equine medicine ranges from the routine to advanced, and our patients range from young to old, and from high-end athletes to retired pasture pets. Our practice approaches this wide span of needs by beginning with whole horse health. Mainstays of our equine health program include preventative care, dentistry, and nutrition. Simply put, healthy horses perform better and many chronic conditions can be avoided or slowed by early detection and appropriate therapies.

Our practice believes that an evidence-based approach is superior whenever possible and accordingly, we strive to stay current on best practices, diagnostics and treatments. With so much information available at our clients fingers, we hope to remain that important resource that they can trust to separate the helpful horse hacks from the internet hoaxes.

Our practice believes in using technology whenever helpful and appropriate. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including digital radiography, ultrasound, and endoscopy. Our trucks are outfitted with wireless technology that allows on-site billing, invoicing and payment collection, with confirmation emails delivered before leaving the driveway.

Expert Doctors.
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Our doctors practice is limited to horses.  Horses of all kinds!  




Our Healthcare Services for your Horse

We offer a wide variety of equine healthcare services, from nose to tail!  Click on a topic below for more information.

Dental Care

We offer dental care for your horse ranging from routine floating to extractions.

Diet Recommendations

Hard keepers, easy keepers, EMS and insulin resistant, big and small… Our doctors will help formulate the most effective diet plan for your horse’s needs.


 We offer castration services for horses of all sizes and ages.

Pre-Purchase Exams

We offer pre-purchase exams ranging from the basic exam to more complex exams that include imaging, drug screens and more.

Stomach Ulcer Diagnosis

We can examine your horse’s stomach to detect stomach ulcers and devise the best treatment plan based on the type of ulcer.

Blood Work

We offer in-house Complete Blood Counts (CBC) and Chemistry Panels. In addition, we send blood work to an external lab for a wide variety of tests including ACTH and Insulin.

Shockwave Therapy

Shock wave therapy uses high energy sound waves that penetrate through soft tissue at varying depths to reduce lameness, increase mobility and relieve pain.

Cushings and EMS Disease Management

We offer diagnosis, treatment and management plans for both PPID (Cushings) disease and EMS (Insulin resistant) disease.

Lameness Evaluation

From backyard pets to high-performing athletes, we offer comprehensive lameness evaluations, diagnosis and treatment plans.

Sports Medicine

We provide treatment, injury prevention and rehabilitation plans for equine athletes, in all discipline areas. 


Diagnostic Imaging

Our practice utilizes a portable X-Ray and Ultrasound machine, with the ability to image your horse’s feet, legs, back, head and more.

Laminitis Management

Our doctors provide diagnosis, treatment and prevention plans for both chronic and acute laminitis cases.

Routine Care

We offer a wide range of routine care including spring and fall immunizations, deworming, fecal tests, wellness exams and dental checks.

Joint Injections

We offer a wide range of joint injection options, based on your horse’s individual needs.  

Wound Repairs 

We provide wound repair, treatment and management plans.

Emergency Care

We offer 24/7 365 days/year emergency coverage for regular clients.

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Experienced Doctors

Our veterinarians are commited to using both prior experience and continuous education training to provide effective, sound and safe care for your horse.


Reliable Care

We provide emergency coverage 24/7 365 days per year for our regular clients.


Personalized Care

Our practice values providing the most personalized, compassionate and best care for every client’s individual needs. 


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Appointments Available Daily

Our clinic offers appointments Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM.

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