Lameness Evaluation

Athletic horses and retired pellet crunchers all deserve a life as free from pain as possible. When your equine partner goes lame, we understand that might mean missed competitions and earnings, or having your most reliable ranch horse sidelined. We’ll work with you to minimize the time off, while keeping the health and safety of the horse our primary concern.

Lameness evaluation is such a broad category that successful diagnosis and treatment depends on an experienced eye, a thorough physical examination, and often quality diagnostic imaging equipment. With almost 40 years of  experience, Dr. McCall has seen and treated countless lame horses. Additionally, our doctors seek out intensive, specialized training in lameness evaluation. Our clinic features state-of-the-art portable digital radiography and ultrasound which allow our doctors to image the affected area quickly and get to a diagnosis and treatment plan sooner.

Dr. McCall is a member of AAEP and ISELP and is currently working towards ISELP certification.

If you have a lameness concern, we would love to come evaluate your horse! Please call 303-841-6006 today to schedule an appointment!