Cherry Creek Equine prides itself on being a one stop shop for a horse owner’s needs. This includes any resources that might make your life a little easier – such as online forms, online scheduling, prescription refills, and online bill pay, or additional education about your horse – such as educational articles, papers, and how-tos. Below are some resources you may find helpful in your horse journey. Check back, as we are regularly adding more reliable, academic, and educational information!

Client Forms

In order to streamline your visit, we have offered many of our forms or contracts here so you can print them off and fill them out before our arrival. Just click the links below to download any of our forms.

Schedule an Appointment

There are multiple ways you can schedule with us. You can call the office at 303-841-6006, email us at, or fill out this online form. Please note – the fastest way to get an appointment is to call. Please do not text, we do not receive them.

Pay Online

We now offer PayPal and Venmo if you would like to pay your bill online. Click the button below to use Paypal or Venmo to “”

Prescription Refills

Need to refill a prescription for your horse? Now you can do it online! Just fill out this form and get your refill. You can also call us at 303-841-6006, or email us at


The internet is a great resource, full of information that is easily accessed from basically anywhere. But there is so much conflicting information on there, how do you know what to trust and what to discard? To combat just this dilemma we are happy to offer a whole slew of information that is accurate, reliable, up to date, and medically sound. Browse our selections of medical papers, valuable articles, and how-tos here.


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