We are proud to be the only local clinic able to offer onsite gastroscopy! No need to keep your horse at the hospital (although we offer that option too).   We can perform the exam at your facility.

What is gastroscopy?

A gastroscope is  a camera placed on the end of a long tube that we can pass into your horse’s stomach. This allows us to visualize the lining of the esophagus and stomach, and evaluate the outflow from the stomach. Gastroscopy is a imaging modality that gives definitive answers to questions that previously we had to make educated guesses on or send to a referral hospital.

Why would I need gastroscopy?

The most common reason to pass a gastroscope into the equine stomach is to look for gastric ulcers. Previously, gastroscopy was offered only at referral clinics and relatively expensive. Because of this, many horse owners would treat their horses for ulcers without confirming their presence. As the technology has improved and the cost has come down. There are different types of ulcers, and depending on what kind your horse may have treatment is going to vary. We offer a very cost effective way to now see if your horse has stomach ulcers, how severe they are, what kind they are, and then can help you formulate the best and most effective treatment plan.