A thorough physical exam is the cornerstone to any diagnostic evaluation. Often, further diagnostics are warranted, such as radiographs, bloodwork, etc. At Cherry Creek Equine, we pride ourselves on keeping our diagnostic equipment at the cutting edge.

EIA (Coggins) Testing

Cherry Creek Equine is a federally accredited laboratory and one of the only local labs able to run Coggins tests. If you need EIA testing for any upcoming shows, let us know at your next visit! A negative Coggins certificate is valid for one year.


Ultrasound machines are usually better for evaluating soft tissues Our ultrasound machines are also portable. We have multiple probes that allow us to scan tendons, abdomens, ovaries and more. They also

Blood Analysis Machine

We use the Abaxis line of blood analysis machines in our laboratory. They allow us to run most of our bloodwork in-house. Complete Blood Counts (CBCs) and blood chemistries without having to send them out. This gives us answers faster and allows us to begin treatment sooner. Additionally, we are using Stable Labs SAA tests, a more sensitive way to assess inflammation/infection. Both of our ambulatory trucks are outfitted with centrifuges, refractometers, and stall-side lactate readers.  These allow us to identify serious colics quicker and get the horse to a referral center sooner — leading to better outcomes.


Our portable x-ray system is a digital plate system that allows us to take pristine radiographs in the field and view them immediately. This allows us to make most diagnoses on site and begin treatment immediately. We enjoy going over the images with the client to educate them on the findings. We use a powerful generator that is able to image skulls and stifles