A thorough physical exam is the cornerstone to any diagnostic evaluation. Often, further diagnostics are warranted, and at Cherry Creek Equine we pride ourselves on keeping our diagnostic equipment at the cutting edge.


Our portable x-ray system is a digital plate system that allows us to take pristine radiographs in the field and view them immediately. This allows us to make most diagnoses on site and begin treatment immediately. We enjoy going over the images with the client to educate them on the findings. We use a powerful generator that is able to image skulls and stifles


Ultrasound machines are usually better for evaluating soft tissues. Our ultrasound machines are also portable. We have multiple probes that allow us to scan tendons, abdomens, ovaries and more.


We are proud to be the only practice in Elbert and Douglas county that has a portable Gastroscopy. Many horses struggle with ulcers and this technology allows an affordable and convenient way to check your horse’s stomach for this common malady.


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