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Colic is one of those terms that is a bit all encompassing. Ultimately, it means your horse has a belly ache of some sort. Horses can show colic in a variety of ways, but here are some common behaviors:

– Refusing to eat

– Laying down even after you get them up again, or during feeding

– Rolling excessively

– Pawing the ground

– Looking, biting or kicking at their abdomen

– Stretching as if to urinate

– Excessive flehmen response

– Increased heart rate

– Sweating and increased breathing rate

Time is an important factor with colic. If you feel your horse is colicking immediately call us at 303-841-6006. While you wait for us try to walk your horse at a brisk pace, but only if your horse is safe to handle. Some horses can be very violent during a colic episode. If this is the case it is more important that you stay safe. When the vet arrives we will take care of it!

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