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Cherry Creek Equine prides itself on being a full service equine medical option for all of a horse’s needs. We offer a variety of services for horses in Elbert and Douglas counties. We focus on whole horse wellness, whether that is helping young horses develop to their full potential, the performance horse do its best in the ring, the trail horse keep trucking, or the senior horse stay healthy in retirement. Below are just a few of the services we offer. Follow the links to learn more about how we can help you and your horse!

General Horse Care

Most horses do not require extensive ongoing veterinary care, however, we recommend routine care that includes regular vaccination, deworming, dentistry, proper farriery, diet recommendations, and exercise protocols. We can help new horse owners evaluate the needs of their new horse, or help the long term horse owner stay organized in their care.


The equine mouth requires regular maintenance to maximize chewing efficiency and to keep from causing the horse pain. We strongly recommend dentistry be performed by a licensed veterinarian. Assessing the health of your horses teeth, is more than just “floating”. We routinely evaluate young horses to make sure their teeth are erupting properly, as well as older horses that may have worn their teeth in abnormal ways.


Whether your horse is an athlete or a retired pellet cruncher, all horses deserve a life free from pain. Evaluating lameness requires a keen eye and a deep knowledge of equine locomotion. Our doctors have focused training on lameness and continue to stay on the leading edge of research and techniques. Both are members of the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) and attend high-level training each year. Our clinic is equipped to offer treatment options such as joint injections, PRP, IRAP, and shockwave therapy.


A thorough physical exam is often not enough to fully diagnose a horse’s condition. To this end, we have invested in state-of-the-art imaging equipment. These include digital radiography, which allow us to evaluate the bony structures in the field. Our ultrasound capabilities reveal problems of the soft tissue structures and show us what the x-rays don’t. When gastric ulcers are suspected, our new gastroscopy system gives us the ability to scope your horse’s stomach helps us start the appropriate treatment without guesswork.

Laboratory Analysis

Our in-house lab is equipped to handle a wide range of blood analysis. We able to perform CBCs and blood chemistry analysis. We also now have the capability of evaluating Serum Amyloid A (SAA), a reliable indicator of acute infection and inflammation. Each truck also has equipment to evaluate stall-side lactate, hematocrit and blood protein levels which can help make critical decisions during emergencies. Additionally, all of our trucks are outfitted with centrifuges that allow us spin down fresh blood, preserving the integrity of collected blood samples. For more specialized testing, we have good relationships with national diagnostic laboratories, such as for PPID, EMS, and reproductive hormones.


We offer 24-hour emergency service coverage. When our doctors are unavailable, we have partnered with other highly qualified veterinarians in the area so that coverage is maintained. If you feel your horse has a condition that requires after hours or emergent care, please call 303-841-6006 immediately, and we will have a veterinarian there as soon as possible.


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