Please excuse our dust!

The construction continues around here, but we are proud to finally launch our new website. With all of the crazy changes around here recently — new doctor, new technician, new location, new shoulder! — we thought we needed a facelift too!

On a serious note, we are very thankful that you are visiting us! As we redesigned this site we tried to keep our clients foremost in our decision making. Most horse owners have come to realize, there is a LOT of information and advice online. However, judging the good from the bad has become increasingly difficult. We know that many people are seeing all sorts of things online because we often get asked about things people have read or heard about from a friend.

For these reasons, we are excited to build this repository of curated information and recommendations so that you have a trusted resource. Our practice has always strived to advocate horsemanship, basic veterinary education and animal husbandry. Please check back regularly as new information is being added often!